At the University of Chicago, I have taught and TAed courses in political theory and comparative politics at the undergraduate level. 

When teaching, I endeavor to guide students towards a solid understanding of the material, striving for precision and clarity, but without shying away from complexity and subtlety. At the same time, and perhaps more importantly, the classroom is a crucial opportunity for students to learn how to read closely, debate, write, and present their ideas and interpretations in a cogent and persuasive manner, while being respectful to others. I expect a lot from students, but I also seek to create an intellectual space that is encouraging, analytically rigorous, and that allows them to reach carefully argued positions on their own.

In 2016, I received the Wayne C. Booth Prize for Excellence in Teaching, a student-nominated award granted at the university level.

Since September 2017, I have been a preceptor for the Master of Arts of the Committee on International Relations at the University of Chicago.

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